When searching for a pedigreed Persian kitten you will find different price ranges, based on which breeder you talk with. In your local classifieds, you might find "purebred Persian kittens" for £450 - £800. Online you will review prices ranging from $400 - $2500 (sometimes more) based on which cattery website you go to. How much might you possibly pay for your dream Persian kitten?

Expenses of Breeding and Raising

To begin with, you should review the expenses of breeding and raising Persian kittens for sale. The reputed breeders have invested thousands of dollars in their breeding stock and thousands more in the care of the kittens they breed. Although you may find a cute little kitten for £250 in the local paper, you should stop for a while, and ask yourself - what kind of care they have received in their short life.

With Persian kittens (or any other breed) you will get what you pay for. A seller who is charging rock-bottom prices is most probably not providing the kitten, with comparable quality of care, as a person who is charging a higher price. Of course, it is not always true that a £250 Persian hasn't received good care, but in most instances, you will find that's the case.

The following are probably the main expenses for a Persian breeder.

  • Vaccinations
  • Vet check-ups
  • Best quality kitten food
  • Kitten toys
  • Cat beds
  • Kitty litter
  • Litter pan
  • Food and water utensils
  • Cleaning supplies for the cattery

Time Devoted To Caring

One more thing worth mentioning here is the time breeders devote to caring for their cattery; especially on their kitten’s social development. Just as a mother spends time with her children, a breeder does with their kittens. To say the truth if you are going to breed cats, then be ready for the responsibilities that go along with it. And that encompasses taking complete care of your kittens.

Looks Of The Kitten

After comparing several sites, you’ll realize that the doll-faced Persian kittens for sale normally sell for a bit more than the extreme face type. So, you will have to give thought to which kitten is right for you. The loving round little faces and chubby cheeks appeal to a lot of families and individuals who are looking for a loving pet and are not interested in showing.

Size Of The Kitten

At last, the size of the kitten is a factor in price. In your search, you will happen on websites that say 'toy" or "teacup" as a description. Although not an official title, those words give you some idea regarding how big the breeder estimates that kitten will be when they reach maturity.

Teacups range from 2 to 4 pounds while toys are normally 4 to 9 pounds. A good number of people are especially in search of kittens that will stay small, and that is why these kittens are more sought after than average-sized Persians, and priced a little higher.


These are the main factors to watch out for. Wish you the very best of luck in finding your dream kitten.